Auto Auction Car Buyers Use OBD2 Vehicle Inspections Before Buying A Car

Decrease vehicle inspection time at auctions. Find hidden problems that other inspections and checks can’t by analyzing 100’s of OBD2 parameters in minutes!

Protect Yourself and Run a VehicleMRI Vehicle Inspection Before You Buy

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In a matter of minutes, a VehicleMRI vehicle inspection can tell you the condition of a vehicle BEFORE you place a bid on it. VehicleMRI seeks out unseen potential issues that could cost you hundreds or thousands if not detected.  A vehicle’s check engine light only turns on when there is an emissions related problem with the vehicle.

Ensure the Same Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspection Is Performed On Every Vehicle.

If your company has multiple employees that perform pre-sale vehicle inspections, the results of the inspections will fluctuate based on the varying knowledge and standards of your inspectors. The same vehicle can be tested by different inspectors with different results. Use VehicleMRI to ensure the same inspection process is run every time in a fraction of the time and with greater accuracy.

Reduce Vehicle Inspection Time and Labor Costs.

VehicleMRI quickly runs thru hundreds of tests that would typically take an inspector 1 hour+ to run. By reducing the vehicle inspection time you’ll be able to decrease your inspection staff’s hours or inspect more vehicles with the extra time.