Auto Repair Shops Perform OBD2 Vehicle Inspections

Decrease your diagnostic time by automatically analyzing 100’s of OBD2 parameters. Find hidden problems and perform vehicle inspections in minutes.

obdii vehicle inspection

Diagnosing obdii vehicle problems today can be confusing and time consuming. It can take hours just to go thru the steps to figure out which vehicle systems are working properly and which are not. Sometimes you may not even know where to begin to diagnose a car problem. This limits how many car repair jobs you can complete (get paid for) each day.

VehicleMRI Decreases Diagnostic Time By Eliminating What Is Right, So You Can Focus On What’s Wrong.

VehicleMRI quickly runs thru hundreds of obd2 tests that would typically take an automotive technician 1 hour + to run. VehicleMRI knows which car computer and parameters to scan to determine which vehicle systems or components are functioning correctly and which are not.  Within minutes, you will know where to start so you can quickly focus on the car problems.

Easily Add a Profit Center By Providing OBD2 Vehicle Inspections and Inspection Reports

You can easily add another revenue generating car service to your repair shop by offering obd2 vehicle inspections to your customers for the vehicles they own or are considering purchasing. VehicleMRI is easy to setup and within minutes it can perform hundreds of specific obd2 tests on a vehicle.  It uses these results to grade the current health of a vehicle and to create a professional, detailed report.  Other vehicle inspection services are charging $119 and more for an inspection report.

It's Like Hiring An Inexpensive, Efficient, Experienced Assistant Who Happily Works 24/7

When you go to the doctor, his assistant gets your vitals and symptoms before he sees you. The doctor knows how to take your vitals, but by having his assistant do this, it saves him time and helps him to quickly focus on what is wrong.   VehicleMRI is the assistant you always wanted.   In minutes it takes the vehicle's vitals and lists what is not functioning correctly and you don't even have to take the time to train it.  You can also rely on it for advice to provide a second opinion on your diagnosis.

Use VehicleMRI To Promote More Business and Convert More Estimates Into Jobs

Do your customers complain when you list a diagnostic charge on their invoice?  VehicleMRI users have fewer complaints when they give their customers a VehicleMRI report to show the results of the diagnostic charge.  After seeing the VehicleMRI inspection report, they'll bring in their other cars to be tested.  

A customer may be hesitant to give you the ok to repair their vehicle after you give them a repair estimate.  They may even have one of those generic scanners that they think tells them what is wrong with their car and how much the repair cost should be.  If you show them a VehicleMRI report that supports your diagnosis, you have independent verification to support your estimate. 

A shop owner told us that VehicleMRI has helped him sell more jobs and parts.  With his first few vehicle inspection reports, he sold jobs for a new battery, spark plugs and an oil pressure switch.  His customers often want him to check out a vehicle before they purchase it so they do not buy a lemon.  VehicleMRI helps him easily provide this service (one of the local car dealers did not like it when his potential customer came back and showed him the VehicleMRI report on the vehicle). 

Does VehicleMRI Replace a Scan Tool for Automotive Repair?

No, VehicleMRI does not replace a scantool or any other automotive diagnostic tool.  It should be considered as another vehicle diagnostic tool that you will use for the initial diagnostic inspection, post-repair validation and all the other benefits listed above.



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