Add OBD2 Vehicle Inspections To Your Fleet Management Program

Find hidden problems in minutes by analyzing 100’s of OBD2 parameters! Perform preventive maintenance, decrease diagnostic time. Provides detailed reports.

VehicleMRI is a Vehicle Health Care Management System for Fleets


It’s difficult for fleet administrators to verify that their fleet is being properly maintained and that needed vehicle repairs are being made. VehicleMRI gives you a standard way to measure and compare obd2 vehicles in your fleet. VehicleMRI electronically captures and analyzes vehicle data to identify issues and ensures the same test process is run every time in a fraction of the time with greater accuracy and archived for the future.  Since it is web based, you can check up on the health of your fleet anywhere.

A Fleet Solution That Reduces Vehicle Inspection Time and Labor Costs.

VehicleMRI quickly runs thru hundreds of tests that would typically take an inspector 1 hour+ to run.  Since VehicleMRI is so fast, you can quickly run tests on your vehicles at regular intervals and at check-in and check-out.  Doing this will alert you to potential issues and allow you to do preemptive repairs and preventative maintenance.

You’ll Save On Truck Service Costs If You Run A VehicleMRI Before And After A Vehicle Is Repaired.

Stop paying for parts and labor for unnecessary automotive repairs. Require that your repair shops run a VehicleMRI vehicle inspection before repairs are made to show that a repairable issue exists. This will cut down on unnecessary, false or exaggerated repair costs. Require a VehicleMRI inspection report after a repair to verify that the issue was fixed and to prevent a potential break down.

Improve Fleet Fuel Efficiency

With ever increasing fuel costs, it is essential that you monitor vehicle performance.  Since VehicleMRI is fast, you can run vehicle inspections on all your vehicles at regular intervals so you can fix hidden problems sooner and keep your fleet operating efficiently.

Fleet Management Support for Multiple Locations Available

If your company has multiple locations, a VehicleMRI Group Administration, Management and Analysis Subscription allows you to perform in depth and easy to understand trends and analysis reports on any individual location or on all your locations combined. This analysis can be use to establish a preventative maintenance plan to stop common DTCs and vehicle problems before they happen.   Also, by combining your locations, you’ll save on individual report costs.

VehicleMRI can be Customized For Your Fleet’s Needs

Custom inspection reports, alerts, tests and more can be added to VehicleMRI to meet your fleet management needs. When a company starts the VehicleMRI program, we offer an optional customization interview.

During our development, we tested many rental vehicles. We were surprised to discover that many of them had numerous DTCs and hidden problems.  The check engine light was not on on any of these vehicles.   All of them were active rentals.


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