Diagnosing vehicles today can be confusing and time consuming. It can take hours going through steps to figure out which of the vehicle’s electronic systems are working properly and, which are not. Sometimes, you may find yourself not even knowing where to begin diagnosing the problem. This could affect the number of repair orders your shop completes (and get paid for) on a daily basis.

DENSO VehicleMRI Helps Decreases Diagnostic Time

VehicleMRI performs hundreds of tests that would typically take a technician hours to perform.  By standardizing the vehicle’s electronic inspection process, VehicleMRI will perform tests on all available systems to identify under-performing parts, ultimately saving you time.  Within minutes, you will know where to start so you can focus on the car problems.

Add a New Profit Center By Supplementing Vehicle Inspections

Experience a new revenue stream by offering VehicleMRI inspections for your customers. Whether as an addition to a preventative maintenance service or, a complete pre-purchase inspection, VehicleMRI offers three different test profiles to fit your needs. Each test will produce an easy-to-read detailed report. These reports can be emailed or printed. Some repair facilities are netting an additional $39-$59 on top of pre-purchase inspection charges.

It’s Like Hiring An Inexpensive and Experienced Assistant Who Happily Works 24/7

When you go to a doctor’s office, an assistant obtains your vitals and symptoms before seeing the doctor. Even though the doctor knows how to take your vitals, an assistant can easily perform these tasks and by doing so, it saves time and helps the doctor quickly focus on what’s wrong. VehicleMRI is the assistant you’ve always wanted. Within minutes, VehicleMRI can obtain the vehicle’s vitals and identify what is within range and, what is not. VehicleMRI is very intuitive and anyone can use it.

Convert More Estimates Into Jobs with VehicleMRI

Have you ever had a customer complain about a diagnostic charge on their invoice? VehicleMRI users have fewer complaints when they share results from a VehicleMRI report identifying areas of concern. Customers who have received a VehicleMRI health check often bring back their other vehicles for the identical service.

A shop owner told us that VehicleMRI has helped him sell more jobs. With his first few vehicle inspection reports, he sold jobs for a new battery, ignition coils and, an oil pressure switch. His customers often want him to check out a vehicle before they purchase it so they do not buy a lemon. VehicleMRI helps him easily provide this service (one of the local car dealers did not like it when his potential customer came back and showed him the VehicleMRI report on the vehicle).

Does VehicleMRI Replace a Scan Tool for Automotive Repair?

No, VehicleMRI does not replace a scan tool or any other automotive diagnostic tool.  It was designed to supplement a visual inspection and help sell more jobs.  VehicleMRI helps save time and is a great for post-repair validation in addition to all the other benefits listed above.