No Matter How Many Cars You Service, or How Quickly You Need to Act,
VehicleMRI is the Solution to Increasing Efficiency and Profit

VehicleMRI benefits numerous touchpoints of the automotive service industry.  VehicleMRI can help reduce diagnostic time, improve current inspection processes, provide valuable analytics, and more.  Read on below to discover how VehicleMRI can help your business.

Auto Repair Shops

VehicleMRI empowers technicians and auto repair shops to offer their customers a revolutionary new way to understand the health of their vehicles and work proactively to create a service and maintenance plan.  VehicleMRI helps improve efficiency and gets vehicles out of your repair bay and back on the road faster.

Fleet Administrators

VehicleMRI can help boost driver productivity and control fleet repair costs by improving the fleet’s current vehicle inspection process.  VehicleMRI offers a standard way of reading and analyzing the vehicle’s computers to identify under-performing parts. By combining analytics and our industry expertise, VehicleMRI can help save money and time.

Vehicle Remarketers

Protect yourself with VehicleMRI. Whether it’s an auction pre or post-sale inspection, off-lease vehicle CPO valuation or, vehicle reconditioning services, VehicleMRI can help identify under-performing parts and help mitigate potential repair costs and possible transportation costs. Custom VehicleMRI tests are available depending on your needs.

Pre-Owned Dealers

Let VehicleMRI improve your appraisal lane process. Using predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms, appraisers can identify under-performing parts to better assist with potential repair costs. Additionally, VehicleMRI inspection reports can also be used to enhance the customer’s purchase experience by providing peace-of-mind with an independent assessment of the vehicle’s health from the inside out.