There are three main variables that determine what items will be listed in a VehicleMRI report:

Supported by the Vehicle:
VehicleMRI contains 1000’s of test items; however, a test must be supported by a vehicle in order for it to be included in the VehicleMRI report. For example, regarding Generic Data; older vehicles will tend to have fewer test supported than new vehicles because those parameters were not supported by the vehicle when it was built. For example, vehicles older than 2003 will not support Mode 9 VIN.  Another example is VehicleMRI contains many ABS & Airbag tests, however, if a vehicle does not have ABS and/or Airbags, those tests will not be supported.

Supported by VehicleMRI:
VehicleMRI supports Generic OBD2 data and DTCs on all USA compliant vehicles; however, when it comes to Enhanced Data & DTCs, VehicleMRI must implement specific tests for each OEM, their various ECUs & protocols over a wide range of years.  And as each model year of vehicles are introduced, additional tests may be added.

Supported by the Vehicle Interface:
VehicleMRI supports a wide variety of vehicle interfaces; however, not all vehicle interfaces contain the same vehicle protocol support that is required to communicate with various ECUs.   Because of this, we are only supporting the VehicleMRI MBT interface device.