CHECKED OK: the test value was within the acceptable range or value

POSSIBLE ISSUES:the test was outside the acceptable range or value

CONDITIONAL: means the test was slightly out of range but, not quite enough for a “CHECKED OK” or “POSSIBLE ISSUE” or, not enough information was known to fail it for certain, further investigation or diagnostic tests are required.

NOT SUPPORTED: the test item is not supported by the vehicle or vehicle interface

NOT GRADED: data was collected for the test item, but no determination was made

UNDETERMINED: The value/result of the test item could not be determined, either not enough information was known, information was missing or test item was skipped.

CRITICAL: The test was outside the acceptable range or value and is of higher importance than a normal POSSIBLE ISSUE condition. There are three categories: A parameter is at a critical value, a CALID was identified as needing an update, or a DTC was identified as high importance

N/A: the test item was not defined in the procedure being run