DENSO VehicleMRI is a Vehicle Health Care Management System for Fleets

Let VehicleMRI improve your process of keeping your vehicles operating in good enough condition so they are safe, reliable and can stay on the road longer.  By incorporating our intuitive and easy-to-use software into your preventative maintenance program, you can help reduce operating costs, keep vehicles and drivers safe and productive.

A Fleet Solution That Minimizes Maintenance Costs and Maximizes Productivity

VehicleMRI can help detect under-performing parts before they become serious, and over time, saves your business money.  By being proactive instead of reactive, your vehicles stay in prime working condition longer while increasing their resale value.  VehicleMRI can help reduce unscheduled repairs and downtime, and buyers will likely pay more for a vehicle they know has been well-maintained.

Give Your Fleet Vehicles a Longer and Useful Life

Proactive management of your fleet vehicle’s maintenance schedule and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) can assist in keeping your vehicles in good operating order while improving vehicle performance.

Predictive Analytics Technology

VehicleMRI can help mitigate financial risk using our predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms.  By identifying under-performing parts, fleet maintenance operators can be proactive and take care of small problems before they become big problems reducing driver downtime, vehicle depreciation and more.

VehicleMRI Can Be Customized For Your Fleet’s Needs

Whether your fleet has one asset to many, we can design an internal electronic vehicle inspection test that helps maximize the value of each vehicle in your fleet.  Custom inspection reports, alerts, tests and more are available based on your needs.