Protect Yourself with a More Accurate Appraisal Lane Process

When evaluating a vehicle to determine an offer, most appraisers take into account factors such as mileage, accident history, and overall condition. By supplementing the appraisal lane process with a DENSO VehicleMRI health check, inspectors can identify underperforming parts and better estimate potential repair costs and help minimize possible transportation charges.

The vehicle’s check engine light (CEL) does not have to be illuminated to illustrate how well (or not) the vehicle was maintained.  VehicleMRI can also identify software update availability, battery voltage, safety recalls, and more.

Improve Your Service Drive Experience

VehicleMRI can help create a modern experience that meets consumer expectations and makes your service department more desirable.  The process is painless and customers will have a positive experience in your service department that can open doors to selling a vehicle, or cementing a relationship.

Improve Your CSI by Enhancing Your Customer’s Purchasing Experience

Put your customers at ease and provide them with a VehicleMRI health check report to show them the vehicle’s internal systems have been inspected by an independent authority.