Ready to Deliver Straight Answers to Diagnostic Puzzles?

The Only Inspection Tool that Simultaneously Checks:

Low Cranking

Open Safety



A quick scan with DENSO VehicleMRI enhances vehicle intake by catching all
the issues missed during a basic visual inspection.

Compares to OE Specifications, Reads and Interprets Vehicle Values to Deliver the Most Complete Diagnostics

The only inspection tool that tells technicians what the vehicle values are, identifies when the values are out of range and what it means for the vehicle’s system — eliminating the manual process of referencing codes against different databases.

Automatically Generates a User-Friendly Report Technicians can Review with Customers

  • Reports help write fact-driven estimates that recommend current and future issues.
  • Build customer trust with a 3rd party report that substantiates repairs.

Unlimited Report Sharing

With VehicleMRI, it’s Like Hiring an Experienced and Affordable Assistant Who Happily Works 24/7.

Revise More Repair Orders, Increase Profits, and Satisfy Customers

Warn customers about vehicle issues coming down the road, leading to a predictive maintenance plan you can work on together without surprise expenses.

The report also helps technicians avoid dissatisfied customers coming back with the dreaded “ever since you worked on my car it’s been…” conversation by providing a solid record of known issues.

Smartphone and tablet not included.

A Downloadable
Cloud-Based App for Tablet or Smartphone

A time-saving inspection tool right in the pocket of every technician. Technicians can use their own device or shops can equip with a basic tablet, making a complete vehicle scan fast, convenient, and available anywhere in the shop.

Raise Your Profits

By uncovering hidden issues during a VehicleMRI-enhanced inspection you’ll increase your average repair order (ARO) and create estimates with a higher return per revision.

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